Transporter Flight Simulator

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Are you looking to play the role of a pilot? Do you wonder how does it feel to take control of a big aircraft full of passengers and fly it above the horizons? Try our new Flight simulation transporter game of 2016, and we promise that you will surely enjoy our adventures.

How to Play Flight Simulator Game 2016?

You will start your career as a beginner pilot. This means, you will have to accumulate flight hours!

With more experience (more flight hours) you will get money through which you can not only unlock new routes, but also buy expensive air crafts.

Your Mission as a Pilot!

Remember, passengers do not just want to travel in air planes to reach their destinations from A to B, they want to experience the best flights. And you can make them feel that experience by providing them smooth travel experience.

How to make the Airplane fly smoothly?

Good Question, you will have to control the flight, avoid technical malfunctions and make the passengers feel good during airplane take-off and landing.

The best Game Pilots are those that makes you feel the adrenaline of dealing with day-to-day challenges while keeping the scenarios under control. Are you a Flight Simulator Hot shot?

Not all flight simulations the same!

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Communication is the Key!

To keep the fierce flight simulation situations under control, you need to talk to the passengers and make them feel comfortable. Be bold, be confident and pilot them out of the situations by your mastery.

The more flying hours up your sleeves, the more mastery you will attain at tackling fierce situations in the new flight simulator game 2016.

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Cool Challenges, Great Missions!

There are plenty of cool challenging missions to complete in the new air craft flight simulator game of 2016. Complete objectives and clear your way to the top by winning points, racking up money and doing your job carefully.

BEWARE: There’s a time limit for taking off an air craft and landing it. You will have to be flying under different weather conditions that require different ways of flying the air craft in the simulator.

You´re in the flying business now! You are a PILOT!

So… Close the hatch; take control and God Speed!

Why Flight Simulator 2016?

This game was designed thinking of Real-Time Physics Controls and the harsh weather conditions that the pilots around the world have to experience during their flying hours.

We want to deliver to you a realistic air-craft feel while the plane is under your control. The engine of each plane is different, and you will be able to sense it!

Pilot Challenges:

And much more goodies that can be unlocked or purchased while making progress in your career.

Gain experience points as you accumulate flight hours and successful rides. Want to it make it more interesting? Try to learn how to deal with the malfunctions and breakouts without damaging the motor. Keep the people happy and alive and don´t crash the jets!

Also, don´t shake them too much or you will lose points!

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Features of Flight Simulator Game 2016:

– Smooth Handling

– Smooth Air craft Lifting and Driving Controls

– Totally Free Simulations of Latest Flights

– 100% Original and Entertaining Flight Simulator

– Real Scenarios, Stunning Story track

– Great Visuals and Responsive Design


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